Santa Rosa Beach | Part 1



We took a trip to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida again this year for my birthday (September 25th-29th). We stayed in the same neighborhood this year but at a different house. This year we stayed in Joy Happens. Just look at that porch… amazing. 


Speaking of the porch, I spent every morning out on it. I have become quite the morning person. I do not know when this happened but lately I have been waking up really early and even on vacation I couldn’t sleep in.  


I am a creature of habit so when it came time to book a place for the trip I decided on Old Florida Village again. I have grown to love this little neighborhood. 


Anna made me a delicious birthday cake! It was a homemade dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. All I know is she said it had apple sauce and coffee in it but it was so good! 


The house was just down the street from Gulf Place. They have a cute artist marketplace in the middle.  


We rented bikes for the trip. These pictures were taken prior to Winston deciding to jump out. Let’s just say Winston is not a fan of riding in a basket … 

30 before 30



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Sunday I turned 27. Only 3 more years and I will be 30. I want to live more intentionally. To do so I am partaking in the 30 before 30 list. Anna got me thinking about making a list after she posted her 101 in 1001. For me 101 was way too much to come up with so I decided on just 30 things. I am not limiting myself to just 30 so I may be adding more later. I hope I look back at this list in 3 years and see a bunch of crossed of items and maybe even more things added to the list. 

  1. Take a photography class
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Learn calligraphy – I bought this kit now I need to make the time to learn.
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Swim with dolphins
  6. Visit 5 United States National Parks
  7. Take at least one trip out of the country
  8. Take a trip solo
  9. Take a girls family vacation
  10. Visit 3 states I have never been to
  11. Visit a winery
  12. Read 30 books
  13. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  14. Go to a hockey game
  15. Cook my way through a cookbook – I am in the process of choosing the cookbook. Any suggestions?
  16. Plant a garden in my backyard
  17. Throw a dinner party
  18. Organize all of my photos (prints and digital)
  19. Create a gallery wall somewhere in my house
  20. Take my fitness and health seriously
  21. Find a physical activity/hobby that I love and get good at it
  22. Run/walk a half marathon
  23. Take 3 new fitness classes
  24. Complete one workout program
  25. Spend a day at a spa
  26. Volunteer for something that matters to me
  27. Finish organizing and decorating every room in my house
  28. Blog more
  29. Send more just because notes, because who doesn’t love mail
  30. Be content and happy

What are some things on your list? Or if you don’t have a list what is something you really want to accomplish or do in the next year?