Drew and Jacob’s Birthday Party | 06.13.2015

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Drew and Jacob's Birthday_2

Last month was full of birthdays including Drew’s and Jacob’s! Sarah and Perry threw them a superhero party. We watched Marvel movies, went on a scavenger hunt/race and ate lots of yummy food. Sarah’s mom did a great job on the candy table. I attempted a homemade birthday cake. It didn’t turn out as pretty as I had imagined but it was delicious (if I can say so myself). There was too much fun to be had to stop and take photos so this is all I took…  

Ruby Slipper Café | New Orleans, Louisiana


Trey’s parents were in New Orleans for the wedding as well and it just so happened to be Mother’s Day so we went to brunch at the Ruby Slipper. Cute name, right? I did not know where the name came from until I sat down to write this post. Their website says, “What’s in a name? The Ruby Slipper Café was inspired by a powerful sense of homecoming when we returned to New Orleans after Katrina. To be back with family and friends in the city we love, well, Dorothy said it best… There’s no place like home!” Love this! 

I ordered the Eggs Blackstone – a pair of poached eggs over applewood-smoked bacon, grilled tomato and an open-faced buttermilk biscuit, finished with hollandaise and served with breakfast potatoes. Man oh man this was good! My brunch love was taken to a new level with this dish. I loved the grilled tomato. It added a touch of freshness to an otherwise pretty heavy meal. 

If I had to recommend a favorite breakfast spot out of the few places I have been in New Orleans this would be it! 

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A Wedding in the French Quarter


A streetcar picked us up by the hotel and took us to Galvez for the wedding.  


I loved all of the string lights. It was a very pretty venue and it was the perfect size. 





This was the first Jewish wedding that I have attended. I really enjoyed seeing the different rituals. The ceremony was beautiful. 


It was a great night celebrating the marriage of friends with friends we don’t get to see that often.  



Royal House Oyster Bar | New Orleans, Louisiana


Trey was a groomsman in the wedding so I had a lot of time to wander around in New Orleans while he partook in wedding party festivities. Thankfully, several of our friends came early so we wandered together. Jeremy was wanting gumbo so after a quick google search Katie found out that Royal House was on Southern Living’s list for best up and coming gumbo in the French Quarter. It hit the spot! It was the perfect small savory meal after the sugar packed breakfast we had.   

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